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Welcome to our Knowledge Base.  Here you’ll find helpful step by step videos to help you build your new website, landing pages  & sales funnels.

If you can’t find the video you’re looking for on this page, please checkout our software partner Youtube channels (links below) where you’ll find hundreds more helpful videos.

Please also  remember to reach out to our support team (via our Support page) whenever you need help, and we’ll do everything we can to assist you.  If we can’t answer your question straight away by referring you to a video on this page, we’ll raise a support ticket and get back to you within 24 hours.  

Let’s Create Your First Website!

To create your first website, please simply click the ‘Create Website‘ link in the main menu, and follow the website creation wizard.

Once we receive your new website request, our team will build your website template for you and deliver it within 24 hours.   We’ll also add your chosen business software featured plugins (for example membership software, online course software, webinar software etc…)

IMPORTANT :  We set up your website for you and add the relevant business software feature plugins that you requested.  You must then follow the ‘How To’ videos on this page to assist you in editing your new site ( for example adding your own content and images), and configuring your chosen software feature plugins.

Please always remember to reach out to our support team when you need it via our Support page.  


We offer a VIP Set Up Service.  As a VIP customer, we will set up your entire website, including all business features, settings and content, allowing you to concentrate on running your business!

Click HERE to Learn More about our VIP SET UP SERVICE.

Our Knowledge Base page holds many step by step ‘How To’ videos to help you set up and configure your website, and all of the different software plugins available to you as a customer.  

The following Video gives you an explanation of how to use this page, and how to access  additional Support when you need it…

All of our website templates come pre-installed with all of the necessary software feature plugins you requested.

Many of the the software plugins on your website require ‘software activation licence keys’.

We’ve pre-installed ALL necessary software licence keys for you on your site, but should you want us to activate a software feature plugin for you, please visit our Support page and submit a request for us to activate that plugin.  This can take up to 24 hours.

Our software platform is based on WordPress.  If you’ve never built a website using WordPress before, don’t worry, we’ve done most of the heavy lifting for you already!  

Please watch this website intro video, which will give you some basic knowledge about our WordPress websites & all of the software plugins available to you.  

To add your chosen domain name ‘’ to your site, please simply send a Support request via our Support page, including your username and password for your chosen domain hosting company, and ask us to add your chosen domain to your website.

Our support team will access your domain hosting company account and add the necessary name server records to allow your chosen domain name to be added to your new website.  This process can take up to 48 hours.

Elementor Pro – Included

As a One Click Websites customer, you get Elementor Pro as part of your membership package.   You’ll find all of the available Pro widgets are available to you in the Elementor editing side bar when editing any page on your website.

How To Edit Your Website or Sales Pages

We use Elementor Software to edit our websites and sales pages.  In this intro video, you’ll learn the basics for how to edit your site pages.  Enjoy!

Creating & Editing Your First Website or Sales Page Using Elementor

Here you’ll learn how to create, design and edit a new page on your website or sales page using our design editing software ‘Elementor’.

Elementor Template Blocks & Pages

In this lesson, you’ll get an introduction to the Template library in Elementor.  you can use the Template library to find and quickly add blocks or whole pages to your website.


Action Links – Connect With Your Clients

Connecting with your clients directly from your website is made easy by using the Action Links in Elementor page builder.

Pop-Ups – How to Create & Edit Pop-Ups on your site or sales pages

Introducing Pop-Ups.  You can use popups to advertise something on your site, or perhaps to capture a customer’s email address.

How to create a ‘Log In’ Pop Up Feature for your website using Elementor

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to quickly create a beautiful login pop-up for your site members.

For hundreds more Elementor Tutorial videos on how to edit your website, click the link below and visit the Elementor Youtube Channel :

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to create a single sales landing page on your website.

You can use different landing pages to either capture leads, or generate sales for your business.

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to use the mobile responsive settings in Elementor to ensure that your page looks and works perfectly on mobile.  Over 90% of click throughs from facebook adverts are now on a mobile, so this is something that just has to be right for your business!

How To Keep Your Website ‘Mobile Responsive’

Headers – How To Add A Header & Manage Menu Items On Your Site

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to add your site’s header, edit it, add or remove menu items, and how to apply the same header across your whole site, saving you lots of time!

Elementor – How To Add & Edit The Navigation Menu Widget

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to add and edit your Navigation Menu on your website.

Menu Items – How To Add or Remove Items


Setting Up Woocommerce

If you want to sell anything on your site, you’ll need to set up Woocommerce.  Please watch the video below which will show you how to get set up in record time.  We’ve already installed the Woocommerce plugin for you, so you won’t need to do that. 

Adding Payment Gateway, Coupon Codes & Other WooCommerce Settings

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to add your Stripe & Paypal Payment gateways to your website.  You’ll also learn how to add discount coupon codes and see where to update other important settings in your website admin panel.

Adding Your Products To Your Website & Creating A CartFlow Checkout Flow

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to add any product to your website.  After adding your product, you’ll then learn how to add that product to a Cart Flow which will allow you to start selling that product to customers within minutes.

Cart Flows – Explainer & Intro To Building Your First Cart Flow

In this lesson, Adam from Cartflows introduces CartFlows and takes you on a tour of how to create your first Cart Flow Customer Checkout.  Remember that you must first add your products to WooCommerce Products before adding them to a Cart Flow.  Make sure to watch our video on ‘How To Add Your Products To Your Website’ .

Cart Flows – How To Add A Lead Capture Step To Your Flow

In this lesson, Adam from Cartflows walks you though how to create a Lead Capture Cart Flow.  This could be used for a specific marketing campaign where you want to first capture a lead, and then send them straight to a Cart Flow on your site.

How To Set Cart Flows As Your Global Checkout Page (instead of the standard Woocommerce checkout)

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to easily set up a CarFlows checkout page as the global checkout page for your site.  This means that if you want to run your site like a standard ecommerce site, with a shop, cart and checkout experience, you can use any Cartflows checkout template for your site.  Even better, this means that you can also use CartFlows order bumps, upsells and downsells as part of your checkout flow…which is simply way better than what you can do with ‘normal’ websites!

Adding a Lead Magnet Digital Download To Your Site, Landing Page, or Funnel.

One of the easiest ways in which to add a ‘Lead Magnet’ to your site or page is to use the ‘Done For You’ Lead Magnet Funnel in Cartflows (see info on Cartflows on this page), then watch this video – 

If you wish to use a third party booking system with your site or landing pages, you can embed your booking form into any page on your site built or edited with Elementor Pro.  Simply drag the ‘Embed’ or ‘HTML’ widget onto your page, and insert the embed code from your third party booking system provider.  We recommend as a simple and cost effective alternative booking system.  Calendly also has a free app to help you keep track of your appointments.

Forms 1 – (Creating & Editing Lead Capture Forms On Your Site)

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to add and edit data capture forms on your site.  Remember, you can always import pre-designed Lead Capture forms from our Templates Library and then just tweak the colours or content to make them your own!

Forms 2 – (Adding & Editing Lead Capture & Other Forms)

Video Lesson Part 2 – Editing Forms 

Adding a Lead Magnet Digital Download To Your Site, Landing Page, or Funnel.

One of the easiest ways in which to add a ‘Lead Magnet’ to your site or page is to use the ‘Done For You’ Lead Magnet Funnel in Cartflows (see info on Cartflows on this page), then watch this video – 

Blog – How To Create A Blog Archive Post & Add Individual Blog Posts

Blog Post Widget – How To Use and Edit On Your Pages



Follow Up Emails (Send email campaigns following a product purchase or sign up)

Please click the link to read full step by step instructions on how to set up and use Woocommerce Follow Up emails on your site. 


You’ll learn how to how to use it to send email campaigns to customers AFTER they have purchased one of your products.  You could use this feature to send thank you emails, plus further marketing or sales / promotional emails over time following any sale of any product on your site.

You may wish to use an existing Third Party Email Autoresponder Platform, such as Mailchimp, Active Campaign, Get Reponse & others.  In this lesson, you’ll learn how to quickly integrate Mailchimp  & Other Email Autoresponders with the Lead Capture forms on your site using Elementor Page Editor.

Email Automation – Mailchimp (or other service providers) Integration Made Easy

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to quickly integrate your email autoresponder with the Lead Capture forms on your site.


In this Module, you’ll learn how to create your first Webinar using our built in ‘Webinarpress’ software.

Webinars – Creating Your First Webinar

Webinars – Setting Up Your Registration Page

Webinars – How To Set Up Your Count Down Page

Webinars – Setting Up Your Thank You Page

Webinars – How To Create An Evergreen or ‘Just in Time’ Webinar

In this video, you’ll learn how to put your sales on auto-pilot by setting up automated ‘just in time’ webinars.

Memberships – Explainer Video

As a One Click Websites Members, you automatically get both Woocommerce Memberships, and Woocommerce Subscriptions, which enables you to go create awesome membership plans and charge your members recurring subscriptions to join!

How To Create & Sell A Subscription Membership On Your Site

In this lesson, you’ll learn how to create a paid membership product and then allow members access to specific ‘members only’ pages on your site, or a Private Members only Facebook Group.

Online Courses – LearnDash

How To Create Your First Online Course (Using LearnDash Course Software)

LearnDash has its own Tutorial Videos – All are accessed via your website’s Admin Dashboard.  Simply click the ‘Learndash’ link in the left hand menu in the back end dashboard of your site to get started.  The tutorial videos will walk you though exactly how to set up your online course, including how to take payments from your customers !  

We suggest using a Carflows Landing Page + Checkout + Thankyou page to sell your Learndash Course.  You’ll find a checkbox inside your course settings which will link your chosen Cartflow Landing page with your course.

SUPPORT :  Creating your first course and setting up your sales page and checkout pages can be a little tricky, so remember to reach out to our support team if and when you need help!

Learndash Licence –  When using Learndash for the first time, if you see a message indicating that there is a missing Licence Key, please simply visit our Support page and submit a support ticket asking us to Activate Your Learndash Licence.  

Your software (Pro & Elite members only) contains an affiliate management program called Ultimate Affiliate Pro.  This can be found towards the bottom of your site Dashboard main menu.   

Affiliate software will allow you to create affiliate URL links for your affiliates, who will be able to share their unique links with others to generate referrals and sales for your business.

For full setup instructions – please watch the series of instructional videos by clicking the link below :

Your website comes pre-installed with Yoast SEO software.

This software allows you to optimise each and every page on your website SEO, so that your site will rank as high as possible on google.

Our software partner Yoast has put together a course on how to use their software on your site.  You can watch the videos by clicking the link below :

If you can’t find what you’re looking for on this Knowledge Base page, you may find the answer by visiting the Youtube Channel of the individual software plugin provider  – You can visit and Subscribe to these channels for Free. 





Yoast SEO

Ultimate Affiliate Pro


Google It!

Finally, if after watching our Tutorial videos on this page, and if you can’t find the answer you’re looking for after visiting the individual software provider’s Youtube channels, we would always suggest using google to find the solution.   Wordpress is the most used website platform on the planet, so you should be able to search for, and find the answer you’re looking for by simply doing a google search on the specific problem…..for example ‘How can I change the colour of the font in the header of my website using elementor ?”

Global Widgets – Saving You Lots Of Time!

Saving a widget (such as a site header or footer) as a ‘Global Widget’ means that you can then add it to other pages on your site, and when you update the widget (images or text or content), it will update all of the same widgets on the site at the same time.  

This will save you lots of time having to update each and every widget on each page you want.

to update.  

Here is a list of the most frequently asked questions to our chat support team, along with the answers! :

1. How do I add or remove items to and from my site menu ?

In your site dashboard, simply click ‘Appearance’ from the main menu, then click Menu from the drop down to edit your site menu.  Once there, you’ll be able to quickly add or remove items from your site menu. – watch this quick video to see how to add or remove menu items on your site.

2.  I added my own Domain name to my website, and now I can’t access my site dashboard?  

When you add your own Domain to your website (www/, you’re site is removed from the main www.oneclickwebsites/yourstagingname website, which means you must now access your website by adding the extension /wp-admin to your website address – for example

You will be asked to enter your existing username and password again.  Please click to ‘remember’ your password for next time.  You should now be able to access your website.

3.  How do I add a customer log-in link to my site Menu?

When editing your site Menu, simply add the ‘my account’ page to your menu.  This will allow your customers to enter their username and password to access the restricted areas of your site.

4. How do I edit the Header & Footer of my site ?

To edit the Header or Footer of your site, you can simply hover your curser over the ‘Edit with Elementor’ option in the black bar at the top of each page of your site (when logged in as Admin), and click to either edit the Header, or the Footer from the drop down option below.

If you have created your Header or Footer as a Template in Elementor, you can edit it by navigating to ‘Templates’ from your Dashboard menu in the back end of your site, and then editing the saved Header or Footer Template there.

5.  I have some Software Licences that need to be activated on my site? 

No problem, this can happen, usually when you add your own Domain to your website, which can de-activate some software licences.  Please simply send an email to go to our contact page and submit a request for Support by completing the form.  Please remember to include your website domain, username and password that we can access your site to activate your software plugin licences.

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